Working on Equity and Access On Your Own

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Having to postpone Yuma Educators Summit 2020 is really terrible for our whole team. This whole pandemic situation is made a bit harder because of isolation–just the thing a fabulous summer conference would have provided! 

There are some opportunities for you to learn and grow on your own though. Many conferences have switched to virtual, most of which are free. And even if you miss the official event webinars and talks are recorded for future use. We’ve found a few resources that tie into YES’s focus: Increasing Equity and Access in Education. There’s a lot out there these days about technology and broadband access, as you can imagine, so we’ve left those off our list.

15th Annual Teacher Leadership Institute: Elevating Student Voice

From the Arizona K12 Center, this year’s event aims to “heighten and provide a platform for student voice, identity and perspectives.” The Institute is slated for June 15-16, and if you register (for free) by June 1 you can request a hard copy of their Teacher Leadership Report.

2020 Share My Lesson Virtual Conference: Teaching for Equity and Justice: A Conversation with Linda Darling-Hammond

Share My Lesson, a website from the American Federation of Teachers, has a whole collection of equity and social justice lessons. This particular piece is a keynote address addressing the history of educational inequity–and what educators can do to be part of the solution.

Comics and Cartoons in the Classroom

NCTE has a vast repository of ELA ideas through their Read, Write, Think site. This is a blog post, technically, with links to great resources to use graphics in writing. 

Being Kind is Not the Same as Being Anti-Racist 

Dr. Terri Watson presents this podcast, episode 136 from the Leading Equity Center (there’s another podcast with a similar name, not from the Center). This may not be a comfortable listen but certainly brought home a lot of good points. The LEC homepage also offers other resources about improving school equity.

Changing Minds Now: Addressing Childhood Trauma for Teachers and School Staff

This is another session from the 2020 Share My Lesson Virtual Conference which was held in March. Speaker Brian O’Connor works with the schools and the Department of Justice on issues about what kids witness in life–and how we can help them heal.

Have you found any valuable professional development lately? Share a link in the comments please!

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