Change Is in the Air

Yuma Union High School District #70 will be opening for in person education on September 14. This is welcome news for my high school freshman, and his younger brother is hoping he’ll be able to get to his campus soon too.

Student virtual learning at laptop.

I know our family isn’t alone is having conflicted feelings about this. Teaching this way is depressing and difficult. Learning this way is functional but not ideal. My kids are lonely. They need other people to share their words with. My husband is a teacher as well and, though he’s very tech savvy, he doesn’t feel like he’s building relationships.

If everyone on campus makes good, safe choices, I’m cautiously optimistic about things. I’ve been clear with our family that they have to follow mask and hygiene protocols, even if it isn’t cool, otherwise we’ll all be back at home. Together. Every second of every day.

How are you feeling about this time of transition? Do you feel ready? What are your concerns? Please share.

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Assessment development and grant writing. Teaching since 1999.

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