Education Twitter Recommendations

Twitter is a great place to be for today’s educators. The variety of accounts to follow can be overwhelming: STEM ideas, early literacy activities, funding equity–you name it, there are people and organizations to inspire. Never fear, we’re here with a few recommendations from the people we trust for content. So consider this a double whammy: a look at the Twitter accounts @YumaEduSummit loves, plus an extra helping from those very same accounts.

Who to Follow

  • @DaringToTeach Dr. Beth Maloney, 2014 Arizona Teacher of the Year: @MisterMinor Cornelius Minor,  “a revolutionary teacher full of inspiration and experience.”
  • @Almada_Mrs aka Mrs. A, 5th grade educator from East Providence, RI, who loves teaching and seeks to empower all students to love learning: @WeinsteinEdu, “Brad Weinstein’s tweets and retweets serve as a constant reminder of why we must value relationships over policies.”
  • @TheMrsRandolph is our own Megan Randolph, middle school math teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator: @MathBeforeBed, “resources on their site that allow teachers to pull simple math problems to spark a mathematical discussion. I use these when I need my students to think about a concept in its simplest terms and work up from there. My own kids love talking about the problems before bed too.”
  • @MrsHallScholars, LaQuisha Hall with 18 years teaching and founder of @QueendomTEA: @ProjectLITComm featuring high interest, culturally relevant texts to get students re-engaged in reading.
  • @ReadBetterAZ is the page for Read Better Be Better, a fantastic organization that helps improve literacy skills for children: @myvsuw partners with us often and shares all kinds of great resources for a wide audience–community members, teachers, parents, and education lovers.

So tell us, who do you follow for ideas and strength in the education realm?

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