Top 7 Discounts for Teachers

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Check out these businesses that offer discounts for teachers.

There are lots of offers available if you belong to the NEA, but these are open for all teachers (and have been used by team members).

  • Loft: Women’s clothing and accessories are 15% off with your teacher ID in stores. Bonus: they offer inclusive sizing, including petites, tall, plus and maternity.
  • Barnes and Noble: Books galore! Sign up for an educator card and get 20% off list price for anything for your classroom. There are special Educator Appreciation Days where that discount goes up to 25%.
  • Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, and twenty other creative tools for 60% off. If you have a design hobby or do anything with pictures, this is an amazing offer.
  • Modcloth: Another site with women’s clothing and accessories. If you’re in elementary, your students will go wild for the fabulous prints available at 25% off. You’ll have to verify your status as an educator, using ID Me which is super simple and only has to be done once to use for lots of sites.
  • Expedia: Travel! Instead of a straight up discount, Expedia offers special deals for teachers and administrators. You can sign up for emails with discount coupons and information.
  • Michaels: This 15% off is good online and in store, but you’ll have to verify your ID ahead of time. After that you can get the discount with your phone number on everything you buy, every single time.
  • Saatva: Mattresses. Wonderful, wonderful mattresses that are frequently rated favorites in reviews. They aren’t cheap but definitely a good deal for the quality. And for teachers they offer $225 off anything over $1000.


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